Yang HU

  Applying for UK Universities and Colleges

Hello, I am Yang HU.

This page is for admissions officers at higher education institutes reviewing my applications.
If you are not one of them, please close this page immediately.


About this page:
Current as: 4 April 2021 (CST)
Last update: 4 April 2021 (CST)


UCAS ID: 1545072703
Waiting Results: E56(GG47).
Offer Received: M20(G401).



Newly released A-level result (January 2021 and October 2020) has been added to thie website. Please refer to Resume (Online Version) for more.


Personal Statement.

Online and printable copy of my personal statement could be found here.


Reference letters.

Unlike usual undergraduate applicants, I have two reference letters. You should have recieved through UCAS my first reference letter written and signed by Mrs. Song, my Mathematics teacher. Another one comes from Mr. Cao Wen, headmaster of Jiangsu Changzhou High School's Olympic in Informatics Project, which have been sent through email but may not included in myprofile. For the second reference letter, please contact me directly and I will send either a scan or a physical copy of signed reference letter through means of your choice.


Achievements, activities, awards and certifications. (Resume or CV)

Online and printable copy of my resume/CV could be found here.


Social network accounts.

Contact information.

Please send all communications to the mailbox left on my UCAS Application Form, it is the dedicated mailbox only for application to avoid spam and other unwanted information to mislead my application.